Top 5 Coding/Programming Languages to Learn in 2021

In the third decade of twenty first century, there is a race in the virtual world, tech giants are creating their own frameworks, new languages are coming up, but old ones still remain at the top of the list. Wanna find out which language can get you highest paying job or top freelancing project in 2021? Let’s find it out in this blog post.

  • JavaScript
    Languages might come and go, but JavaScript is here to stay. Even StackOverflow approves that Javascript is the most used language by the developers.
    Though the language is primarily known for adding responsive elements on web pages it has a wide range of applications such as in web development, game development, mobile application development, and many more. Moreover, the language is being used for both – Front End Development and Back End Development. Also, its compatibility with some prominent frameworks like React, Vue, Node, etc. makes it more preferable among the developers. As there are millions of websites already existing over the web that are heavily relying on JavaScript and on top of that, looking at the demand & dominance of the language, it won’t be wrong to say that JavaScript will rule in 2021 as well!
  • Python
    Python is single handedly the easiest language to start coding with, when it comes to Data Science/Machine Learning/Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Python tops the list because of it being so much easier to understand and get comfortable with.
    Python has been the favorite language of almost every individual who is just starting with the programming domain for the last many years. The primary reason behind this is a quite simple syntax that makes it easy to read, learn, and use. The language is extensively used for web development, software development, etc., and with several trending technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, etc. The language offers some enriching features such as rich library support, automatic garbage collection, easier integration with other languages, GUI Programming support, and many more. Several popular Python frameworks that make things more efficient & convenient are Django, Flask, Pyramid, etc.
  • C / C++
    These two languages are the ancestors who still rule the kingdom. C and C++ are the core languages to make anything you see on your screens.
    Both C and C++ are occupying a considerable portion of the tech world and currently ranking at the top positions on various indexes.
    At the TIOBE index of 2020, C and C++ are ranking under the top 5 programming languages at first and fourth position respectively. At the PYPL index, C/C++ has seen an upward trend of around 0.1 % and is ranking at the #5 position. There are numerous big tech companies that hire C/C++ developers with some decent salary packages such as Adobe, Oracle, Microsoft, Nvidia, etc. And to learn C/C++ in 2021 is not only beneficial from the career perspectives but it also somehow makes it easier for you to learn other programming languages afterward.
  • Java
    Many times it seems out that JAVA is losing its charm but when we look at the actual stats – every year JAVA ends up with a really good ranking that proves the particular language is still doing well and in-demand in the tech world. There are around 8 million JAVA developers across the world – maybe this number can help you to assess the demand & popularity of this particular language. Also, the language is enjoying a top-second position among all the programming languages in the ranking of TIOBE and PYPL. As per the RedMonk reports, JAVA is ranking at 3rd position below JavaScript and Python only.
    The object-oriented programming language comes up with a much-celebrated principle of Write Once Run Anywhere that allows the Java code to be executed on other platforms, that supports JAVA, without doing recompilation.
  • C#
    C# was designed to be simple and easy to use. Since C# is a high level language, it reads somewhat closer to English. In addition, C# abstracts away (i.e. handles for you) most of the complex details of the machine (computer) so you can focus on programming instead of worrying about the little details many consider both tedious and difficult.If you’re planning to get into C# game development, then Unity is also designed to be easy to get started with as well.
    After launch of Blazor Framework, C# can be used to make fully functional responsive modern day full stack web apps from back to front!

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