Top 5 free VPN of 2021

VPN, who doesn’t need them? Everyone loves privacy! but sadly most free VPNs come up with bandwidth limits, data caps and very less number of geo server locations. In this article we will tell you THE BEST VPNs available with most premium features, at absolutely free of cost!

  1. CloudFlare WARP or
    It is a VPN/DNS Changer developed by CloudFlare, it is a smart application that selects the server based on your geo location to provide you lowest ping and fastest speeds.
    It comes without any data/bandwidth limits and unblocks everything.
    The only con is that you cannot select server manually.
  2. ProtonVPN
    It gives Unlimited Data Allowance, great privacy and unblocks all content.
    The only con is the server locations are limited in the free subscription
  3. Windscribe
    It is yet another generous VPN with great features and top level security.
    It comes with tens of servers at tens of locations.
    The only con is that it comes with bandwidth limit of 10GB per month.
  4. Hotspot Shield
    It is a very famous and secure Virtual Private Network, years back it was the top VPN.
    It provides Military Grade Security and Privacy.
    The only con is it gives one free server with bandwidth limit of 500 MB per day.
  5. TunnelBear
    It is a great, safe and fast proxy VPN with tens of server locations and it connects very quickly.
    It provides top notch privacy.
    The only con is that it comes with bandwidth cap of 500 MB per month but you can get more free bandwidth/data by tweeting about them.


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