Top 5 Cloud Storage/File Hosting sites of 2021

Do you want to send a file to a friend but your Whatsapp doesn’t allow big files? Do not worry, we got you covered with best, fastest and free cloud storage site with hassle free downloads and ample of storage space.

  1. Google Drive
    It is the most fast, easy and quick file sharing site, you can simply upload your files and share the link publicly or privately to your friend.
    It comes without any ads on the download pages.
    The only con is that the storage limit is 25 GB.
  2. Microsoft OneDrive
    It is yet another cloud storage site by Microsoft, the servers are efficient and reliable, it is a good alternative for GDrive.
    The only con is that the storage limit is 15 GB.
    It is one of the oldest available cloud storage option, they also provide a user friendly downloader which boosts download speed.
    The only con is that the storage limit is 20 GB.
  4. Dropbox
    It is a very famous and secure file sharing site.
    It provides well organized file manager.
    The only con is it gives only 2 GB storage space.
  5. Yandex.Disk
    It is a great, safe and fast cloud storage site.
    It provides top notch privacy.
    The only con is that it comes with storage limit of 42 GB.

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