Top 5 Backend + Frontend Combination for Web Development in 2021

Everyone is talking about Web Development in 2021 right? but no one tells which is the best way to start and build web applications and websites? Which frontend framework is beautiful and easy? Which backend framework is fastest? Enough of the questions, let’s dig into this article and find out.

  1. React.js [Frontend + JavaScript]
    At this moment, React or React.js is the most popular front-end framework for web developers. It has surpassed the leader in the group, Angular, and newcomers like Vue.js, and now more and more people are going towards React.
    Though there is no final verdict on React vs. Angular battle yet, going with the trend, it’s increasingly looking that React is going to win this epic war. ReactJS allows you to create a front-end using JavaScript and provides a component-based development model.
    If you are primarily a JavaScript developer, then React JS should be your first choice for front-end development. If you are looking for a recommendation, The React Complete Guide by Max is the best course to start with.
  1. Spring Boot [Backend + Java]
    The Spring Boot framework tries to solve the problems associated with using Spring for Java web development in the same way Spring solves the pain related to Java web development using Java EE or J2EE.
    By introducing features like auto-configuration and Starter dependencies, Spring Boot alleviates the pain of Java developers who spend a lot of time configuring Spring and finding a set of compatible libraries to work together.
    It seriously improves productivity as you can now create a new Java web project in much less time and with much less work, but at the same time, it’s a bit opinionated.
  1. Angular [Frontend + JavaScript]
    Angular is another popular JavaScript frontend that makes the development of complex front-end easier. It was actually one of the first JavaScript frameworks which tried to standardize front-end development in JavaScript with modules and code structure.
    It allows you to write testable code, much like what you do in Java or any other mainstream language. If you don’t like to React and looking for options, then Angular is the next best front-end development framework for JavaScript developers.
  1. Node.js [Backend + JavaScript]
    This is another popular JavaScript web development framework but a back-end one. 10 years ago, who has ever thought that JavaScript should be used to write server-side code, but it’s now quite reasonable.
    Node.js has consistently ranked as the most popular framework in StackOverflow’s Developer survey and the key to writing a web application, end-to-end in a single programming language, i.e., JavaScript.
    If you are primarily a JavaScript developer, then you should learn Node.JS along with React or Angular to become a full-stack software engineer.
  1. Django [Frontend + Backend + Python]
    Now coming into the world of Python, don’t worry; it’s not scary; instead, it’s a remarkable world full of useful frameworks and libraries for web development. Django is the most popular Python framework for web development.
    It’s a full-stack framework and includes all the necessary features by default instead of offering them as separate libraries. With Django, you will get authentication, URL routing, template engine, object-relational mapper (ORM), and database schema migrations all in one pack.

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